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Starters / Salads

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Potato and Sweetcorn Rosti
Topped with a deep-fried hen's egg, accompanied with home-made tomato marmelade.
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Creamy risotto with wild mushrooms with watercress shoots and parmesan shavings.
Chick Pea and Peanut Fritter
Accompanied with chilli jam, house salad with crispy onions and roast cherry tomatoes.

Main Courses

Your selection is the best; we deliver the rest.

Lentil and Bean Roast
Rich vegetable roast buttered carrots & broad beans, parmentiere potatoes and tarragon cream sauce.
Savoury Steamed Suet Roly Poly
Served with smoked potato mash, braised mushrooms, roasted plum tomato and caramelised onion sauce.
Vegetable Tagine
North African-style vegetable casserole with lemon scented basmati rice, fried onions and minted yoghurt. We also cater for vegans, coeliacs (gluten free diets) and other special diets by request. Please mention your special diet on booking.


Sets to a perfect mood before your done with the full course .

Kraal Bay Pinotage
Swartland, South Africa, 2016
Tramshed Red
Domaine d’Antugnac, Limoux, France, 2015
Côtes du Ventoux,
Famille Perrin, Rhône, France, 2017

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Sunday 9am - 9pm

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