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Potato and Sweetcorn Rosti
Topped with a deep-fried hen's egg, accompanied with home-made tomato marmelade.
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Creamy risotto with wild mushrooms with watercress shoots and parmesan shavings.
Chick Pea and Peanut Fritter
Accompanied with chilli jam, house salad with crispy onions and roast cherry tomatoes.

Main Courses

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Lentil and Bean Roast
Rich vegetable roast buttered carrots & broad beans, parmentiere potatoes and tarragon cream sauce.
Savoury Steamed Suet Roly Poly
Served with smoked potato mash, braised mushrooms, roasted plum tomato and caramelised onion sauce.
Vegetable Tagine
North African-style vegetable casserole with lemon scented basmati rice, fried onions and minted yoghurt. We also cater for vegans, coeliacs (gluten free diets) and other special diets by request. Please mention your special diet on booking.


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Kraal Bay Pinotage
Swartland, South Africa, 2016
Tramshed Red
Domaine d’Antugnac, Limoux, France, 2015
Côtes du Ventoux,
Famille Perrin, Rhône, France, 2017

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Health benefits of alcohol

Drinking alcohol may offer some health benefits, particularly for your heart. Then again, an excess of alcohol may build your danger of health issues and harm your heart. With regards to alcohol, the key is moderation. Positively, you don’t need to drink any alcohol, and on the off chance that you right now don’t drink, don’t begin drinking for the conceivable health benefits. Sometimes, it’s most secure to stay away from alcohol completely — the conceivable advantages don’t exceed the dangers.
  • A glass of red could assist you with your weight reduction endeavors. A study from Oregon State University uncovered that the dark red grapes found in a few kinds of red wine can enable individuals to oversee weight and a metabolic fatty liver, because of a synthetic called ellagic corrosive. This substance backs off the development of fat cells and prevents new ones from being made, which supports the digestion of fatty acids in liver cells.
  • Past research has demonstrated that wine is awesome for heart health, however a recent study that contrasted pinot noir with vodka found that red wins. Researchers nourished vodka and wine to two out of three gatherings of pigs alongside a high fat eating routine for seven weeks. And keeping in mind that the two gatherings that had vodka and wine both saw cardiovascular advantages, pinot noir’s cell reinforcements, high resveratrol content, and genius angiogenic and mitigating properties made the alcoholic refreshment the winner in this study.
  • Regardless of whether you’re a fanatic of Bud Light or Guinness, beer is pressed with B vitamins riboflavin and thiamin, in addition to abnormal amounts of magnesium, and calcium. In any case, dark beers do have a slight favorable position of being the better brew on account of its high iron content, which enables oxygen to course around the body better.
  • Beer’s high wellspring of silicon content is what’s in charge of an expansion in bone thickness, as per a recent study. Direct beer consumers who expend 1-2 glasses multi day will probably have that impact.
  • Research recommends that individuals who drink in moderation are 40 percent less inclined to create diabetes than the individuals who drank excessively or none by any means.
  • Vodka can enhance blood flow, however the study above notices that it helps the heart uniquely in contrast to vino. Vodka encourages more guarantee vessels to create, which associates the heart to the lungs.
  • Research proposes that the agavins (common sugar) found in this Mexican alcohol are superior to anything counterfeit sweeteners at helping you shed the pounds.
  • Cranberry and vodka can help get your expressive energies pumping as indicated by a study from Consciousness and Cognition. Researchers gave a gathering of men cranberry and vodka until the point when their blood alcohol content achieved 0.75 percent while the other gathering remained sober and afterward requesting that they finish a verbal riddle while viewing a motion picture. The men who boozed won!
  • Regardless of whether your decision of refreshment is wine or bourbon, it can help soothe your muscles, as indicated by a study distributed in the International Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Science.

Difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers

Today more bars, pubs and markets stock a developing scope of non-alcoholic drinks and beers. Which implies it’s simpler than at any other time to reduce your alcohol intake. Yet, are non-alcoholic beers extremely more beneficial? What number of units or calories do they contain? Also, would it be a good idea for you to pick a no-alcohol or low-alcohol alternative? Put basically the primary distinction among alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is the measure of alcohol they contain. Alcoholic beers have some alcohol in them. Non-alcoholic beers contain a next to no alcohol. The measure of alcohol in a drink is appeared as a percentage of the entire drink. On every alcoholic drink you’ll see the Alcohol by Volume (ABV). Beer that says 5% ABV on its name contains 5% pure alcohol. There are four composes; alcohol-free, de-alcoholised, low-alcohol and alcoholic beer. One ought to recall that ‘Alcohol-free’ or non-alcohol beer contains a little measure of alcohol (up to 0.05% ABV). This is on account of some alcohol naturally shapes as a component of the brewing procedure. Alcohol-free’ beers complete have a tendency to contain less calories than alcoholic beers. Drinks additionally named as ‘light’ beers as a rule have less alcohol and less calories. In this way, picking an ‘alcohol-free’ beer over alcohol, alongside a balanced diet and exercise, could be valuable in case you’re attempting to dispose of your ‘beer belly’ and keep up a solid weight. Manufacturers have two different ways of lessening the alcohol substance of their beer. They can expel alcohol from the completed item, or ensure alcohol doesn’t frame amid the brewing procedure. A standout amongst the most widely recognized techniques is to warm the beer to boil away alcohol. Another is to go the beer through a sift which takes through the alcohol. Non-alcoholic beer tastes fundamentally the same as alcoholic beer. However, as the brewing procedure is slightly extraordinary, you may see a slight distinction in season. The immense news is that as non-alcoholic beers turn out to be more famous, the range you can look over is developing, so you can discover a brand you like. Health benefits Decrease your risk The UK Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) low risk drinking guidelines suggest that the two people are most secure not to frequently drink in excess of 14 units a week.If you routinely drink more than these guidelines, you could be expanding your odds of developing long haul wellbeing conditions. Picking low-alcohol beer can enable you to abstain from drinking more than the low risk drinking guidelines, thus could decrease the risk of harming your wellbeing. Lessen your calories Since low-alcohol beer has a tendency to have less calories than alcoholic beer, picking it over alcohol can lessen your calorie intake as a major aspect of a solid diet. Over-utilization of alcohol can cause hypoglycaemia (low glucose), which can prompt light-headedness and general shortcoming. That implies you may be more enticed by unhealthy, fatty sustenance in the wake of drinking. Drinking low-alcohol or ‘alcohol-free’ beer implies you’re less inclined to have an aftereffect, so you’ll be more roused to exercise the following day.
A few people are dependent on alcohol. This implies drinking alcohol turns into a vital, or at times the most vital, factor in their life and they feel they’re not able capacity without it. Since non-alcoholic or ‘alcohol-free’ beer contains some alcohol it may cause issues for somebody with a dependency. It could trigger conduct that makes them need to drink more alcohol or relapse from a recuperation. In case you’re alcohol dependent or in recuperation from alcoholism Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) recommended that you don’t drink no-alcohol or low alcohol drinks as an option.

Colorbond Roofing – Is It Better Than Concrete Tiles?

In Australia, roofing materials typically fall into one of 2 possibilities: concrete top tiles; or maybe corrugated metal roofing with a bonded paint surface (known in Australia as Colorbond, or maybe CB). Which choice is ideal for your circumstances? Both can keep the weather out, and so consider the elements below before you choose. A Little Bit of History: The idea of bonding paint to a galvanized foundation originated in Chicago and was further created in Australia into a solution which has remarkable corrosion resistance and it is visually interesting: Colorbond©. It comes in many regular colors and is reluctant to the elements. Whereas a galvanized corrugated top may last twenty years, a Colorbond roof would have a fifty-year existence or even longer. Irving roofers Terracotta tiles will also be an option; they actually last forever. Think archaeological dig. There are good examples of terracotta roofing which have existed for 1000s of years. The way it’s about double the cost of a concrete tile roof structure. For our purposes, we are going to compare concrete roof flooring and Colorbond roofing, and also will concentrate on Melbourne conditions. Both items do an admirable job at what they are made for (keeping the temperature out). Concrete roof tiles are utilized in Melbourne for a minimum of seventy-five years and there are several houses in older suburbs like Camberwell and Heidelberg which still have their initial concrete tile roofs. Precisely why would you choose one item over another? It boils down to off-work taste, lifestyle, several additional factors… and COST. Architectural Merit: This’s an individual matter. Colorbond has a modern classy look with lines that are clean. Nevertheless, you will find a lot of concrete roof tile profiles which provide another architectural result than a regular halfpipe tile. For a little addition in price, you can (for instance) choose a dull shingle style. Additionally, there are numerous colors in concrete roof flooring. Noise: This’s an important concern. Ceiling and insulation notwithstanding, you are going to hear rain on the Colorbond roof. While we may think of raindrops falling holding a metal roof as an enjoyable sound, it could be disturbing to a few folks, particularly in heavy downpours. Tile roofs are much quieter. Water Collection: In case you want to gather roof water in a gas tank for home use, Colorbond is definitely the best option. You are going to harvest more water since concrete tiles have a quality of absorbency. Also, they are inclined to keep dirt, dust so forth that washes into the water container. During the latest ten year drought in Melbourne, property owners have been urged to gather rainwater for home consumption. This influenced the need for Colorbond roofing. Weight: Colorbond is a fraction of the mass associated with a concrete tile top (ten % being precise!) So your rooftop framing could be much lighter. Additionally, a Colorbond roof isn’t a heavier damp than dry. A concrete tile roof is going to absorb water before it runs off of, therefore a damp tile roof is weightier as well as engineering specifications have to allow for this particular. Rodents: It’s much easier to create a Colorbond roof pest proof by nature of the manner by which the item is installed. Bushfire: Melbourne is a community negatively impacted by summer bushfires. In case you’re creating in the outlying fire-prone places, BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) regulations will ensure it is with your interest to pick a Colorbond rooftop, as they’re simpler to seal against outside ember attack. Resilience: In case you want folks to get on your roof for upkeep reasons, Colorbond is far more resilient. Nevertheless, in case you have to penetrate the top (for example for a vent and air conditioning), this would be a little more costly with CB. Veranda or even eaves. In case you’ve considerable eaves or verandas, a Colorbond roof shall be much more appealing due to its lighter weight. With verandas, you should get a shallower top pitch, and this may just be attained by some kind of sheet roofing. Typically roof tiles aren’t advised holding a roof pitch of under twenty degrees. Also, since Colorbond is a descendant of old corrugated steel, that provides the conventional Australian veranda look. Cost: Concrete flooring is more than twenty % more affordable compared to Colorbond, which is the reason more than ninety % of houses designed in Melbourne use a concrete tile roof. The marketing may have you believe that CB is as inexpensive as tiles, but this’s not the case. Designers often prefer Colorbond. One customer gave to have plans pulled up by a designer. When seeking quotes, they had been horrified to see lots of money added for one Colorbond rooftop, when they really preferred a standard tile roof.


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