Colorbond Roofing – Is It Better Than Concrete Tiles?

In Australia, roofing materials typically fall into one of 2 possibilities: concrete top tiles; or maybe corrugated metal roofing with a bonded paint surface (known in Australia as Colorbond, or maybe CB). Which choice is ideal for your circumstances? Both can keep the weather out, and so consider the elements below before you choose.

A Little Bit of History: The idea of bonding paint to a galvanized foundation originated in Chicago and was further created in Australia into a solution which has remarkable corrosion resistance and it is visually interesting: Colorbond©. It comes in many regular colors and is reluctant to the elements. Whereas a galvanized corrugated top may last twenty years, a Colorbond roof would have a fifty-year existence or even longer.

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Terracotta tiles will also be an option; they actually last forever. Think archaeological dig. There are good examples of terracotta roofing which have existed for 1000s of years. The way it’s about double the cost of a concrete tile roof structure.

For our purposes, we are going to compare concrete roof flooring and Colorbond roofing, and also will concentrate on Melbourne conditions. Both items do an admirable job at what they are made for (keeping the temperature out). Concrete roof tiles are utilized in Melbourne for a minimum of seventy-five years and there are several houses in older suburbs like Camberwell and Heidelberg which still have their initial concrete tile roofs.

Precisely why would you choose one item over another? It boils down to off-work taste, lifestyle, several additional factors… and COST.

Architectural Merit: This’s an individual matter. Colorbond has a modern classy look with lines that are clean. Nevertheless, you will find a lot of concrete roof tile profiles which provide another architectural result than a regular halfpipe tile. For a little addition in price, you can (for instance) choose a dull shingle style. Additionally, there are numerous colors in concrete roof flooring.

Noise: This’s an important concern. Ceiling and insulation notwithstanding, you are going to hear rain on the Colorbond roof. While we may think of raindrops falling holding a metal roof as an enjoyable sound, it could be disturbing to a few folks, particularly in heavy downpours. Tile roofs are much quieter.

Water Collection: In case you want to gather roof water in a gas tank for home use, Colorbond is definitely the best option. You are going to harvest more water since concrete tiles have a quality of absorbency. Also, they are inclined to keep dirt, dust so forth that washes into the water container. During the latest ten year drought in Melbourne, property owners have been urged to gather rainwater for home consumption. This influenced the need for Colorbond roofing.

Weight: Colorbond is a fraction of the mass associated with a concrete tile top (ten % being precise!) So your rooftop framing could be much lighter. Additionally, a Colorbond roof isn’t a heavier damp than dry. A concrete tile roof is going to absorb water before it runs off of, therefore a damp tile roof is weightier as well as engineering specifications have to allow for this particular.

Rodents: It’s much easier to create a Colorbond roof pest proof by nature of the manner by which the item is installed.

Bushfire: Melbourne is a community negatively impacted by summer bushfires. In case you’re creating in the outlying fire-prone places, BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) regulations will ensure it is with your interest to pick a Colorbond rooftop, as they’re simpler to seal against outside ember attack.

Resilience: In case you want folks to get on your roof for upkeep reasons, Colorbond is far more resilient. Nevertheless, in case you have to penetrate the top (for example for a vent and air conditioning), this would be a little more costly with CB.

Veranda or even eaves. In case you’ve considerable eaves or verandas, a Colorbond roof shall be much more appealing due to its lighter weight. With verandas, you should get a shallower top pitch, and this may just be attained by some kind of sheet roofing. Typically roof tiles aren’t advised holding a roof pitch of under twenty degrees. Also, since Colorbond is a descendant of old corrugated steel, that provides the conventional Australian veranda look.

Cost: Concrete flooring is more than twenty % more affordable compared to Colorbond, which is the reason more than ninety % of houses designed in Melbourne use a concrete tile roof. The marketing may have you believe that CB is as inexpensive as tiles, but this’s not the case. Designers often prefer Colorbond. One customer gave to have plans pulled up by a designer. When seeking quotes, they had been horrified to see lots of money added for one Colorbond rooftop, when they really preferred a standard tile roof.